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John B. Deitz

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Day 7
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Thursday, 4 August 2005.  Elk City, OK to Albuquerque, New Mexico

Back onto I-40 about 8:30 a.m.  While a scheduled "burn" day, the trip from Elk City to Albuquerque turned out to be very pleasant.  The heat has broken and temperatures were mostly in the mid to high 80's. We dodged a few showers, but otherwise traveling was uneventful. Traveled the through the remainder of Oklahoma, then the panhandle of Texas, then into New Mexico and a time change.

It's remains surprising to us how the terrain and flora seems to change as we go from state to state Oklahoma to Texas to New Mexico, even though the state boundaries seem to be more or less arbitrary lines on a map. As from Missouri to Oklahoma, after each border it soon looks different.

Above:  The Texas Panhandle
Right:  Mike on Route 66 at New Kirk, NM
Bottom Left:  Route 66 &
 the New Mexico Desert at New Kirk, NM
Railroad is the BNSF (Burlington Northern Santa Fe)
Bottom Right:  New Kirk, NM
(all of it!)
New Kirk, NM & Route 66 New Kirk, NM

We got to Albuquerque about 5 p.m.  The drop from the New Mexico high desert east of the city into the Rio Grande River valley and the City of Albuquerque is rather dramatic 7000 feet to 5000 feet at our motel on Central Ave. near the river.  This section of Central Ave. was part of the old Route 66.  Compared to our Econolodge of the night before, this motel was luxurious at less cost, and even had a small indoor pool.

That evening, we walked a block or so from the motel to Albuquerque's Old Town. Things had pretty much closed up, and only a few shops were still open. Supposedly this square is pretty much as it was a hundred years or so ago but being a skeptic, I wonder. We stopped in one bar for a (weak) Margarita, then on to another caf for a second and dinner. Pretty good Mexican. Very good Margarita.

The next morning, I was up as usual by 7 a.m., and went to the lobby with the notebook so as not to disturb Michael.  I got caught up on my mail and trip log.  Then I decided to walk down Central Ave. to the Rio Grande River.  While the arroyo is quite wide (the bridge is perhaps close to an eighth mile long), the stream itself was very narrow much as I remember it from my long ago business trips to Albuquerque.

Distance:  About 430 miles. Accommodation:  Econolodge (WiFi) Cost:  $50.70

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