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John B. Deitz

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Day 4
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Monday, August 1, 2005, West Middlesex, Pennsylvania to Terre Haute, Indiana

We left West Middlesex about 8 a.m., and the trip on Interstates 80, 76, 71 and 70 across Ohio and Indiana was hot but otherwise pleasant -- the sun bright all day, and temperatures in the low 90's. We tried to hook up with Eric Cammer (a former brother in the Long Island Ravens MC) for lunch in Columbus, but could not make the connection. As we crossed Indiana, Mike questioned why we needed so much corn. And not much engineering is required to build roads in Indiana -- mostly needed is a straight edge.  Mike says "Indiana is flat!!"

We made very good time, and arrived in Terre Haute earlier than we expected (especially since we did not stop in Columbus for lunch). Losing an hour as we went to another time zone in western Indiana also helped.  Mike also claims that John's short spurts to 100 mph might have also helped (he exaggerates!).

Vigo County courthouse (1888) in "downtown" Terre Haute.

Terre Haute is nearly to the Illinois border and has a proud history.  We took a short trip around Terre Haute, and visited the local Harley-Davidson dealer where John bought the obligatory t-shirt.  Observed an Ohio Hells Angel -- Mike comments that all Hells Angels guys must work in a gym. And they whine -- but Harley dealers do humble all!!

Terre Haute (which is French for "high land") is on the Wabash River and we went down and watched the water flow by -- not much else to do in Terre Haute.  Even though there are several colleges and Indiana State University in the city, there was no discernible night life or a thriving downtown.  Perhaps it was the Summertime season?

We had an excellent dinner in a local Mexican restaurant out near the interstate -- the waiter was sensational.  Besides being this cute Hispanic, he was able to balance six heavy plates at a time on a single outstretched arm.  The physics of this endeavor still amazes me.

No WiFi at the motel, so could not post an email. Richard claims that my medications should arrive at Springfield., MO by noon tomorrow.

Distance:  About 432 miles. Accommodation:  Super 8 Cost:  $69.76

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