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John B. Deitz

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Maritime Provinces

O'Canada, National Anthem of Canada


These pages describe a motorcycle tour my daughter, Sharon, and I (John) did of the Canadian Maritime Provinces, including a "side trip" to northern Maine, USA, during the Summer, 2000.  Travel distance was about 4000 miles, and I was on the road 8 days.

I left Brookhaven, Long Island, New York on Thursday, August 17 and met Sharon on Friday in Portland, Maine.  We took the Prince of Fundy ferry to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia Friday night, biked up the southeast coast of Nova Scotia to Halifax on Saturday, then on to North Sydney, Nova Scotia on Sunday.

From there we took a ferry Monday morning to Argentia, Newfoundland, arriving late in the evening.  The next three days we crossed Newfoundland east to west, arriving in Port aux Basques, Newfoundland late Thursday evening.

Friday morning we took the "fast" ferry back to North Sydney, Nova Scotia, toured Cape Breton highlands, then took the ferry to Prince Edward Island, where we spent Friday evening.

We crossed Prince Edward Island on Saturday, returning to the mainland via the Confederation Bridge, and spent the night at Fredericton, New Brunswick.

On Sunday, we went up to northern New Brunswick and crossed over into Maine for a photo op at the northern terminus of US Route 1 in Fort Kent; then www.poloralphlaurenaustralia.biz down through the Maine woods to Medway, Maine for the night.

On Monday, we crossed Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont to Sharon's cabin near Morrisville, Vermont.  And on Tuesday, I returned to Long Island via the Bridgeport-Port Jefferson ferry.

The following is a daily log, with pictures and maps of our travels (from Dad's perspective), as well as a detailed itinerary.


bulletDay 1 - Thursday, August 17 - Brookhaven, Long Island to Hampton, NH
bulletDay 2 - Friday, August 18 - Hampton, NH to Portland, ME & Prince of Fundy Ferry to Yarmouth, NS
bulletDay 3 - Saturday, August 19 - Yarmouth, NS to Halifax, NS
bulletDay 4 - Sunday, August 20 - Halifax, NS to North Sydney, NS
bulletDay 5 - Monday, August 21 - North Sydney, NS via ferry to Argentia, NF
bulletDay 6 - Tuesday, August 22 - Argentia, NF to Conception Bay South, NF
bulletDay 7 - Wednesday, August 23 - Conception Bay South, NF to Grand Falls/Windsor, NF
bulletDay 8 - Thursday, August 24 - Grand Falls/Windsor, NF to Port aux Basques, NF
bulletDay 9 - Friday, August 25 - Port Aux Basques, NF to Woods Islands, PEI.
bulletDay 10 - Saturday, August 26 - Woods Islands, PEI to Fredericton, NB
bulletDay 11 - Sunday, August 27 - Fredericton, NB, via Fort Kent, to Medway, ME
bulletDay 12 - Monday, August 28 - Medway, ME to Morrisville, VT
bulletDay 13 - Morrisville, VT to Brookhaven, Long Island, NY
bulletItinerary Details 


Midi files sequenced by Barry Taylor
bulletThe Great Canadian Tune Book
bulletO Canada
bulletOde to Newfoundland
bulletCopy write
bulletPatriotic Songs of Canada
bulletCanadian Parliament: including background on the history of Canada and how it's governed.
bulletGovernment of Prince Edward Island
bulletBeothuk Collegiate, in Baie Verte, Newfoundland