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This is the genealogy and family history site for John Bancroft Deitz.  Each of the chapters in the above menu focuses on one of my grandparent's family lines—Deitz, Bancroft, Smith, Potter.  Within each of these main chapters you will find drop-down menu sections that focus on family history and other ancillary family lines.

Visit the Preface for an expanded discussion of this volume, including coding coventions.

The core of this genealogy site is a database.  It has over 15,000 names.  For the most part, my database includes only those who are related—albeit sometimes quite distantly.  Ancillary lines (i.e., through in-laws) are only rarely incorporated. Much of the work on this database was done 5-10 years ago.  While occasionally corrections and additions are pointed out to me, I am no longer actively researching it.  

To see all the surnames in my database, view this table.