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John B. Deitz

Build: 100521.2

Days 3 -4

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Day 3 - Monday, May 3rd

Basically took a route through central South Carolina, and worked my way down to I-95.  While nice countryside, didn't take any pictures.  When I got to I-95, burned my way down to Jacksonville.  At about Savannah, it had warmed up enough that I was finally able to take off some of the heavy leather and layers.  Spent the night just off the highway in Jacksonville, FL.

Day 4 - Tuesday, May 4th

Took a very leisurely ride through central Florida and the 430,000 acres of the Ocala National Forest.  Arrived in Orlando and the Parliament House about 2 p.m.  Spent the remainder of the day lounging at the pool, and getting a little sun.  Went down the road for excellent meal at a Mexican restaurant, and after a few drinks at the Full Moon Saloon just down the street, went to bed early (which is not easy to do at the P-House).  

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