Long Island

My Fibber McGee's closet -- although I'm occasionally flabbergasted with email from someone who found something of interest here.

This site is under repair.  Some sections may be weird.


One of my hobbies is family history and genealogy. A large-ish volume, with lots of information on my ancestors.

Our hometown -- Brookhaven/South Haven Hamlets.  A mushrooming volume which now has its own URL.  It originally started with just a few scenes and comment.  It's now growing to include history, genealogies, censuses, cemetery surveys and more!  It's now, by far, the largest volume.

My immediate household & family.

My daughter runs a wonderful restaurant in Morrisville, Vermont a target="_blank" href="">The Bees Knees.  If you're up that way, stop in for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Recipes -- Some of my favorites.  I like to cook, and my cardiologist wished I didn't.

Another of my Hobbies (passion?) was Motorcycling.  However, I believe I've gotten too old to safely ride anymore—I found myself making bad errors in judgment and not reacting quickly enough.  I've given up the bike, and it's now in the possession of my son-in-law and daughter.  I much miss it!  In this volume you'll find more about my bikes, including some travel logs (such as Harley-Davidson's 95th Anniversary, Northern England & Scotland, Key West, Canada's Maritime Provinces, and west to Arizona).

Movies -- Since I retired and gave up motorcycling, I have greatly expanded my interest in cinema.  I had a small collection of VHS tapes which, in recent years, I have greatly expanded with DVDs.  This link takes you to my film collection pages, including a link to my online catalog

"The saint is the man who keeps his word and is on time."  Elbert Hubbard: White Hyacinths:  As to Science.  1907.

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