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For many years, Richard and I have informally acquired movies for our library.  At first these were just VHS films that we particularly liked, and there was no organized program. We found that, except for blockbuster films requiring a large theater screen for a full experience, we rarely went to the theater any more.  We found that dvds could be purchased for less than the cost of tickets for two. In more recent years, I have developed a special interest in indie and foreign films, and especially movies with queer themes

Not all the titles in the catalog are physically in my Library.  Many are "wish list" films, or movies available via streaming or that we've seen elsewhere and are not high on my priority for purchase.  The details of each record indicates the inventory status of the film.

Also often included in the details are links to reviews or articles about the film; for films I've viewed, I also usually include "notes" on the film and my personal rating.  The "notes" are not intended to be in-depth reviews, but rather short personal observations.

Full Catalog, Over 1436 films  are cateloged, with links to detail information pages.
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