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Rotten Tomatoes 200 Best Queer Movies

List compiled by Rotten Tomatoes. I find this ranking compilation particularly helpful because it so complete.  In some cases (but not all), I have provided a link to this Rotten Tomatoes table in the "links" section of the film details.

"Unfortunately, to be ranked highly in this list, the movie needs to have been seen by a significant number of people since 1986, it needs to fare well in Internet culture in which anyone can write a review, and it can't turn off straight people
 too much ("Taxi Zum Klo" or "Querelle" anybody?). Straight audiences have grown more accepting and appreciative of LGBT characters, but there is a limit." [RT User comment]

The algorithm Rotten Tomatoes uses for their ranking is not particularly transparent.  Apparently, it is multifactor; the weighting of the factors is unclear as to which are quantitative and which are qualitative.  The ranking number it
self is therefore unimportant; just where a film's relative position may be.

   Jim Clark:  50 Outstanding LGBTQ Films
Queer Filmographer extraodinaire
He states:  "Here are 50 Outstanding LGBTQ-Themed Films (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer-plus), released between 1919 and the present, including several international works. These pictures represent a wide range of genres, from drama to comedy to documentary, even a science fiction musical comedy. By “outstanding” I mean both that dramatic structure, visual/sound design and performance come together in exceptional ways (detailed in my brief guide to film), and that they offer insight into LGBTQ experience." [jclarkmedia].
All of the films he lists are included in my catalogue.  Most (but not all), I have viewed. I highly recommend his reviews, analyses, and commentaries (see Jim Clark:  50 Outstanding LGBTQ Films  and each film's catalog "Links").  He began his compilation in 1997.   My entries are based on his web page dated April 16, 2021.

IMDB Top 200 - GTM (Gay Themed Movies)
No explanation of criteria for film selections is provided.  Important films rated highly by cinephiles, curators and critics are not included.  Therefore use this list with caution.
I particularly appreciate this site because (if I log into IMDB) I can quickly see which films I have not rated on IMDB, either because I have not seen it, or I forgot to record my personal rating.

BFI (British Film Institute) The 30 Best LGBTQ+ Films of All Time
"Over 100 film experts including critics, writers and programmers such as Joanna HoggMark CousinsPeter StricklandRichard DyerNick James and Laura Mulvey, as well as past and present BFI Flare programmers, have voted the Top 30 LGBTQ+ Films of All Time. The poll’s results represent 84 years of cinema and 12 countries, from countries including Thailand, Japan, Sweden and Spain, as well as films that showed at BFI Flare such as Orlando (1992), Beautiful Thing (1996), Weekend (2011) and Blue Is the Warmest Colour (2013)."  Incidentally, there are actually 33 films on their list, due to five films being tied to the last place position.

International Gay Cinema: 25 LGBTQ Movies to See from Around the World
Ryan Lattanzio (Feb 27, 2021)
I find this site useful since I am a particular fan of Indie films.
Rainbows Mood ~ a YouTube Site of Best Queer Movie Recommendations
This site contains several YouTube references & short reviews of  "best" LGBTQ+ films.  I have not visited all the sites.  Most of the films appear to be of primarily interest to coming of age teens and 20 somethings.  It appears to be regularly updated,