My ranking of gay themed or interest films is based on a film's IMDb rating.  I use a film's rating as published on IMDb 's main page for each film (see "film details for link.")  The IMDb rating is a "weighted average" (see IMDb rating faq) of all those who have voted on a particular film.  The science of polling statistics is complicated, and beyond the scope of these pages. 

Of major concern for my rankings are the effect small  sample sizes and gaming tactics may have on the ranking of particular films.  It is said that IMDb's  proprietary voting algorithms are designed to minimize gaming.  As for small sample sizes, IMDb displays a rating if a film receives at least five votes -- this is a sample size much too small for meaningful ranking.  Therefore, for the purposes of my ranking, I have flagged films with less than 500 voters by a "?"; films with  five or fewer votes (and therefore not rated) are indicated with a carat (^) and flagged with "? <5". 

Small fractional differences in IMDb ratings are meaningless.  IMDb ratings may change with time as more folks individually rate the movie or change their vote.  Films that are old or popular usually have a large voting population and rarely change much in their IMDb rating.  I periodically review the catalog and update the IMDb ratings;  use IMDb link for latest rating and the number who have voted.